Year 11: Don’t forget to prep for the Narrative Assessment next week

Year 11: Aren’t you lucky? You get to spend this weekend preparing for the Narrative Assessment, which will give you a taster of what it’ll be like in the exam; writing a story imaginatively in timed conditions. Lucky for you, we like to help our students. So take a look through class notes in your exercise book, as well as the resources below to help with planning a great idea. 

  1. This resource will help you revise how to plan a good story, and remind you of what we’ve been saying for weeks. planning-mat-narrative-writing
  2. It always helps to read examples of what has been written before, to get an idea about what the examiner wants. Here you go! be-the-examiner-two-examples-narrative
  3. For those of you who love sneak peeks at the mark scheme, here’s a treat. This will help you to understand what the examiner wants and how. mark-scheme
  4. A brief planning activity, using a worksheet you might have already seen in class. Why not read it through and try jotting some ideas down? worksheet-revision-2

Quick Preparation Activities to get you in the mood for Narrative Writing

  • Look through your books, or think about the feedback we’ve given over the last few weeks. What have you particularly struggled with? What has been a constant target?
  • Using interesting vocabulary and a variety of sentence structures:narra-1-successful-stories-vocab-fill-short-sentences
  • Another PowerPoint which has some great short prep activities.quick-prep-task
  • Spend some time going through a couple of ideas that you might write about – a straightforward idea, told in the right way, can do wonders in the exam. You are not expected to write the next Harry Potter or Fifty Shades…(and please don’t try to either; at least not in the exam/assessment).

Any other questions or worries, feel free to e-mail us at or send us a tweet. The link is at the top of the blog.


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