Year 11: Revise for the Shakespeare Assessment

At some point next week (week commencing 21st November 2016), you will be sitting the Romeo and Juliet Assessment. It’s going to be an exemplar question, formatted and timed just the way it will be in next year’s exam. You need to do the best that you can and in order to help, here are some resources to focus your revision. Think about the WWW/EBI comments your teachers have written on marked work, and use whichever resource(s) help you to improve the EBI.

Remember that you do need to use quotations in the assessment, but aim for short, specific phrases, rather than long sentences. It’s what you write about that will get you the high marks.

Still struggling with P-E-E-L writing? Try reading The P-E-E-L Chain Sheet, and write a paragraph using this worksheet which will also show an exemplar paragraph. If you still want to see more exemplar paragraphs, then we’ve got them too. Check this out – it’s even got the examiner’s commentary to show you what’s good and what’s not.

If you need to revise the key themes, this PowerPoint goes through them in thorough detail. You could make notes…just an idea…

Need to revise key quotations? Download this booklet which goes through all of the characters, linked with key events and themes.

If you simply want to spend five minutes summarising what actually happens in the play, this  Summary PowerPoint will help.

And finally, if you need a reminder about what the Question will look like and what you’re being tested on, use this PowerPoint which has lots of tips to help.

If you have any questions or concerns, why not tweet us or email:


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