Year 13 English Language: Original Writing (First Draft Hand In details)

Original Writing First Draft…
Deadline date and expectations:
·         Your deadline is: Tuesday 31st January 2017 – 12.30pm to 1pm –  in C0.5
·         We expect your copy of your Original Writing piece to be 1.5 spacing (including name, candidate number etc)
o   A Printed Hand-in copy  of Original Writing PLUS annotated style model AND your check-list. (These HAVE to be submitted together).
o   An Electronic copy of Original Writing uploaded to Hand-in folder on the VLE.
Any issues or problems, please speak to Miss Eales or email

Year 13: Language Investigation Draft (NEA Component) Deadline

Year 13 Language students: You should be in the process of completing the first draft of the Language Investigation (NEA component)

The non-negotiable deadline for these is Wednesday 11th January.

Failure to meet this deadline will result in you receiving no additional support for your NEA.

We cannot stress how important this deadline is, or how important it is that you submit work that is of the highest possible standard.

Remember: we are not allowed to give detailed feedback on drafts. For this reason, you should treat this as a final deadline so that we can make sure the feedback we do give is designed to help you tweak your work and not to rewrite it.

Hand-in details

The hand-in process involves submitting your work electronically and on paper, in person.

To submit your work electronically, you need to click here and upload the Investigation:

  • Your language investigation as one Word document – including unannotated data. This must be titled Your Name – Language Investigation Draft (e.g. David Crystal– Language Investigation Draft).

You may only submit your paper copies after submitting online.

To submit your paper copies, you need to come to C0.10 during the time specified:


You will be given a receipt for your work which will need to be kept safe in your folder.

You must hand in the following documents in order:

  • Language investigation draft – treasury tagged together, no plastic wallets, and no staples. Make sure it’s in the order specified here, and formatted according to the directions.

At 12.45 on Wednesday 11th January, submissions will close, and no further drafts will be accepted.

If you are ill on the day of the deadline, you must contact me to let me know, and arrange to submit the work on paper as soon as you are back in. The work must still be submitted electronically by the deadline.

Any issues, email: