Year 13 Child Language Acquisition

This article about Chomsky is worth a read. Click here.


Year 13 English Language Students

It’s what you’ve been waiting for…the marked first draft of the Original Writing NEA. It will be available on the VLE, the A Level English Language Page, under Miss Eales’s name in a folder from Monday 20th February 2017.

There is a document to download first and take a read of in conjunction with the marked first draft. Click here..

Also, the Year 13 group which I would see this Wednesday during P1 – your lesson will be taken by Miss Eales so she can give you feedback on the first drafts. Our second lesson will be on Friday P4. On Monday, please bring your Investigation stuff to the lesson as we will be in a computer room.


A reminder that the deadline for the final draft of the Language Investigation is on Wednesday 22nd February 2017. You MUST:

  1. Format it properly: size 12 font size, double spaced, front page – title, contents page, aims/hypothesis, methodology, analysis, conclusion, bibliography and appendices. Remember each section on an individual page. Name/student number and college name needs to be in the Header, page numbers on the Footer.
  2. Should be hole punched and treasury tagged. NOTHING stapled please
  3. You must include a clean and an annotated copy of your data
  4. This has to be the PERFECT version – check thoroughly for errors. Read each other’s. Can you spot any errors which need rectifying before the deadline?
  5. Hand In will be from 12-12.30 in C0.10. Please only submit it during this time, and remember that a copy needs to be uploaded to the VLE – Final Investigation Folder. When submitting your paper copy, you will receive a receipt.
  6. Last day to email me for any help is Monday by lunchtime. After this, anything you’ve left till the last minute is your responsibility.

Revising A Christmas Carol?


Remember the mock exam for this is during the first week back.

Everything you need is on GCSE English Bitesize. You can revise characters, the plot, themes, context, form/structure/language analysis. Read key points and test your ideas using the simple questions. Click here.


You should be re-reading the novella. Click here to download a 30 minute version. Why not highlight key quotations, or practise analysing extracts?

Use  the ACC Revision Workbook to help you develop your knowledge, and practise writing analytically. It has a practice exam question at the end to help you plan and try answering a question.