Year 11: Revising the Love and Relationships Poetry Anthology

Key points to remember:

This will be the second question you will answer on Paper 2 of GCSE English Literature. You will be given ONE poem (the named poem) and a question with a thematic focus. You will need to think of one other poem (from your excellent memory) to compare it with.

The following resources will help you revise the anthology:

Use this Step by Step Guide to help you revise the content and summary of all of the poems

Use this to help you both revise and test what you know – the PowerPoint has short activities covering pairs of poems, techniques and key ideas. Keep a pen handy!

Use the  English-Literature-Glossary-of-Terms to help you revise key terminology which is a MUST in this exam, even for a Level 2 answer.

Use the  L and R knowledge organiser to help you revise the context of each poem.

Use this resource which will guide you through planning an answer. Why not use it and plan an answer from the GCSE English Literature mock paper collection?



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