Valentine’s Day Competition

A simple competition this time. You can be fun, romantic, naughty…as long you’re creative with our Word of the Week, trajectory. Simply use this word in a sentence that could go in a Valentine’s Card. Email: or tweet it to




Greetings English Lovers! Welcome to the English Faculty’s new Blog. Here you’ll find lots of resources, hints and tips about how to get great marks in the exams, and maybe other fun stuff. 

Our first competition is the Six Word Story. Show off what you’ve learnt about Narrative Writing over the last few weeks by using language creatively. Your entry can be funny, sad, a bit rude…the possibilities are endless. What are the prizes? We’ll announce that soon enough. To be in with a chance of winning though, your entries need to be tweeted to our cool Twitter page. You’ll find the link here too. What are you waiting for?